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April 17th, 2015 12:31 am

Our first time on LudumDare Jam!

nephthys, my development machine

Rodrigo talking here. Above is nephthys, my development machine 😉

For this Jam, I will use SDL2 or SFML (c++) for the game development. Probably will focus on the game mechanics (according to the winning theme). But this one will be a relaxed one for me, as I can not be active for the 72h of the Jam :/).

So, as I’m a programmer guy, I will try to create assets only if we get some free time before the deadline (OpenGameArt assets will be our salvation in this case, but opting-out from the graphics/audio category, if so). Anyway, for graphics, GIMP/inkscape will do the job (but I’m bad at pixel art); sound/music will go with FL Studio/Audacity/sfxr (I’m even worse at it). My editor of choice is vim, running on Slackware 64 current (have to finish a windows 8.1 virtual machine install for this platform specific build). Oh, of course, as fuel: coffee, bacon and beer (not exactly on this order).

For the build system, I want to try biicode as multiplatform choice. If get failure on it, plain cmake for it. Git for control version, always. Additional tools/libraries will be used according our interpretation of the theme.

Also, I’ll be using Trello for ideas and task tracking, and will be online on LudumDare’s IRC and Slack channels (nick: rodrigo_golive). Twitter will receive WIP images and comments (@DeadBodyOutline, and on my personal one too), and I plain to write some small progress post every day here.

Well, as LD starts at 10 P.M. where I live, I will do a beerstorm about the theme at the time (a friend’s birthday party). So, really starting coding something on Saturday :p

Good luck for us all!

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