Team Jamplifier will also be participating in this Ludum Dare! (:

After our previous 2 Ludum Dares we are more than excited to participate in our next one.
This time we even have an extra artist to help us out on the visual department, stuff is going to be really cool! (We hope, at least)


-Riko Ophorst: The first of our 2 developers, specialised in JavaScript
-Daniël Konings (me): As a second developer, specialised in graphics programming and C++
-Rens Verspagen: The first of our godlike artists, if I have to say so myself, specialised in 2D digital artwork
-Jos van Gils: Both 2D and 3D art is his playground, new to the team and we can’t wait to see him in action :)

Weapons of mass destruction;

-Sublime Text 3 – Gameplay sided programming
-Visual Studio 2013 – If we run into engine problems
-Audacity – To edit our sounds/music
-Adobe Photoshop – Obvious reasons, to create art in
-3DS Max/Maya – If we do any 3D

The game will be powered by Snuffbox, which is my own engine I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It renders using Direct3D 11, is interpreted by Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and does sound via FMOD. Its git repository can be found here; https:/ (Actually still have to implement sound in the refactor, but that’s little work)

Good luck all!

Team Jamplifier, out

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