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April 17th, 2015 2:07 pm

Weather is really nice these days around here, so what better way to celebrate than shutting myself at home for two days of game making? ūüėÄ

I’m undecided about the language/development tools. I’m torn between two options (and “luckily” I haven’t¬†had¬†enough time to become comfortable with UE4 for 2D).

If I go with¬†Haxeflixel (+FlashDevelop), I’ll probably¬†use¬†a small framework I built on top that relies on the loader from flixel-addons. You can find the¬†source code for the tiny framework here:¬†

In case¬†I go with Unity 5 (+Visual Studio), depending on the game I might use some C# scripts I’ve done as part of a (work in progress) library I want to make to support tile maps. I haven’t had the time to put all the stuff together, so for now I’m just providing the source as a *.7z file. I apologise in advance for the lack of documentation and general mess, the scripts actually belong to two separate projects, and I’m basically¬†sharing them now to comply with the compo rules, I can’ even guarantee that it’s functional without assets or a proper test scene. Get it here:¬†

One of the¬†two archives contained inside¬†has functionality to load¬†a *.tmx¬†map and converts it to a custom Unity-native format -but it doesn’t build a¬†map yet- plus some simpler, older logic to load that same map format¬†file and build a mesh composed of¬†textured quads for a map layer, and the other one has¬†some code¬†to render a tile map using a single quad¬†plus¬†some editor functionality,¬†but the main intention for the editor tool¬†when I started it¬†was to generate¬†a¬†path finding grid, so both things are more or less independent. A last note:¬†the TMX reader relies on Unity.IO.Compression (¬†to parse data compressed¬†in¬†gzip or zlib formats. If you are going to encode your tile layers as CSV or pure XML element lists you can comment the code and go without the additional library.

For art I’ll probably go with Photoshop and/or Graphics Gale, plus TexturePacker to build sprite sheets, and¬†on the sound side,¬†I’ll rely on Bfxr for sound effects and Audacity for additional editing. I’d like to make some music with Famitracker or Bosca Ceoil, but that’ll depend a lot on the time.

And depending on the game needs I will use Tiled as a level editor.

Good luck to everyone!


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