I’m In! Unconventional Weapons

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April 17th, 2015 9:40 pm

Called in some cavalry to help my wife watch the kiddies, which means I get to (mostly) jam!


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That’s probably it!

My first idea was to do some sort of Earthworm Jim / Metroidvania — a beefy guy with a big ass bat with a salt lick wrapped around it and a rock-salt shotgun battling hordes of banana slug alien invaders.



Salt LIck Beatdown


I think that would end up being too much art, though, so I started thinking about simpler mechanics. Currently leaning towards some sort of simple card game. Sort of a rummy/trick-tacking jousting game where you combine a “mount” (some innocuous vehicle) with a “knight” (some sort of animal) with a “weapon” (something ridiculous for the animal to hold).

Instead of being argument-based like Superfight or Cards Against Humanity, I’d rather it be rules or dice-based (maybe paper-rock-scissors like Yomi). So given a specific matchup, one outcome should be more likely.




Some ideas for “mounts”



Some “jousters”


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