Base code update: basic menu system, Unity 5.

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April 17th, 2015 6:22 pm

I’ve updated my base code to add a basic menu system. It’s in “Menu.cs” and “menu.unity” contains a very simple example. The rest has also been auto-ported to Unity 5.

Use the Menu.Add[…] members to add items, and call Enable/Disable to, well, enable and disable it. Items can either be “buttons”, like “Quit” or “Go Back”, or they can be a list you scroll through. Think the menus in Doom, but less advanced.

Default keys are arrows, and space to activate button items.

As with the rest of the repo, anyone can use it for anything.

Oh, to view the tile map sample code, load “tileMap.unity”; confused me earlier by not being the default. “test.unity” adds an overabundance of children to some game objects, which will probably grind everything to a halt if you click play.

Update update – 19th August 2015
Just in time for LD33 I’ve updated the base code to add pathfinding and lighting, and tidy it up a little. See the readme on GitHub for details, and a bit of info about things to look out for (don’t enable Unity’s anti-aliasing!).

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