I’m in Ludum Dare 32 too

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April 16th, 2015 5:14 pm

All set for LD32

This will be the eighth time I enter Ludum Dare, and hopefully the seventh time I submit an entry.

I’ll be joining the real world gathering at Isotop, Stockholm.

After starting our new game studio Resolution Games, I’m now using Unity daily, so this time I will use new tools compared to last time:

Engine: Unity 4 (was: Phaser)

Programming language: C# (was: JavaScript)

Text editor/IDE: MonoDevelop, Vim (was: Vim)

Graphics: Gimp, Blender (unchanged)

Audio: Zoom H2N, Bfxr (was: Bfxr)

Music: Caustic 3 on Samsung Galaxy Tab (unchanged)

Other tools: Git on GitHub (unchanged)

Computer: MacBook Pro (was: Thinkpad with Linux Mint)

I’m starting off with a Unity project set up in GitHub repo. Consider this my public announcement of base code, but .right now it’s an empty project created inside Unity, but set up to save projects as text files to simplify version control, and a .gitignore. It also contains a Makefile that creates releases for Windows (as a zip file), Linux (as a tar.gz) and Mac (as a dmg), which I hope will be useful to quickly make releases.

Looking forward to this!!!

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  1. TobiasW says:

    Ha, I’m usually using Unity/C# and I’m thinking of going Phaser/JavaScript this time, so the other way around for me! Except that I never used either before. It’s gonna be an ADVENTURE.

    Best of luck with your game!

    PS: Zoom H2N rocks <3

    • Yeah, I love the H2N. It’s convenient to have a battery powered small and very portable recording device. Phaser is very nice too (it owes a lot to the underlying graphics library Pixi.js), and HTML5 games are great because they’re so accessible.

  2. little-burrito says:

    If you like Vim and you’re on Windows, you can use visual studio with the VsVim plugin, and it’ll give you pretty much all of the features you need from MonoDevelop but in a very stable and fast environment. You can even attach the Visual Studio debugger to Unity with a plugin that I can’t remember what it’s called :)

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