I shall be in!

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April 16th, 2015 9:19 am

This is my third LD, and after my improvement from 1st to 2nd LD, I wonder how much and if I will improve this LD. At least I’d like to improve enough so that I can stay at the same level compared to others. The standards are rising and I hope to keep up.

Tools: same as usual, as I didn’t have time to learn anything new between LD31 and this one. The only improvement comes from my experience in the last LD, so I wonder if I’ll feel any different this time.

I’ll use either Game Maker Studio + HTML5 export (and Windows export for a downloadable version) or HTML5+Javascript with whatever public library that suits my needs, if my idea is simple enough to allow for it.

For graphics, I’ll use GMS’s built-in editor and my trusted old Paint Shop Pro 6 😀
For sound effects probably bfxr and a mute button.

Maybe a new challenge for this time will be to add music. I’m not a composer at all, so maybe I’ll try out some random music generators.

That said, I’m excited to make an awesome game and afterwards of course to play at least a hundred games made by others, and if possible more than last time.


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