I can use the keyboard again IM IN!

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April 16th, 2015 6:11 pm

I was not sure to be in this edition of ludum dare because I was recovering from carpal tunnel operation but today the doctor tell me that I can go back to work and use my hands !

To avoid RSI remember to take breaks (a program like workrave or timedoser can help), be in a proper posture, use dvorak key distribution !

maybe this time im  going to be in the jam with a team, im going to meet people from my area in the local event “ludum dare Primavera”

Good luck to everyone!!!



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  1. coasterspaul says:

    There’s still not much scientific, well-grounded evidence on whether QUERTY or DVORAK is better.

    I prefer the QUETZALCOATL keyboard myself.

  2. x2l2 says:

    i was talking by my persona experience i fell better with dvorak, and is make thinking in better typing not in solve some problems with the machine itself…

    still any use of the keyboard for a long time is bad, so i still waiting for “star trek” like voice interface 😛

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