Welcome to Ludum Dare 32!

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
April 15th, 2015 8:02 pm

Hello, and welcome to Ludum Dare 32! This is our first event of 2015, and our 13th year Ludum and Daring.

Without further ado, lets do what you came here to do:


Click the image above to Vote for Ludum Dare 32’s Theme! The highest rated theme will be revealed on Friday April 17th at 9:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM PDT, or Saturday 01:00 UTC). Don’t know when that is? Click this handy link here for your local timezone, or observe the countdown clock above.

Results from Rounds 1-4 are here.

(Over) 50 Real World Gatherings!!

There are A LOT of them this time. If you haven’t checked out the list, click here.

Live Streaming? You now have many choices!

By request, we’ve now added support for streaming newcomer Beam. That means you have 4 choices for places to share your development. Pick your favourite, and start broadcasting! Set your game to “Ludum Dare“.


Also! Mac and Linux users! OBS is now cross platform! Add cool borders layouts to your Live Streams!


PSA: Unity Player is no longer compatible with Chrome

As of Chrome 42 (released April 14th), Unity Player, Java, and Silverlight games will no longer work in Chrome (i.e. NPAPI plugins). There is a clumsy user workaround, but you might seriously want to take a look at the HTML5 export found in Unity 5 instead.

Also FYI: Unity Player has never worked on Linux. Just saying. 😉

PSA: You can embed your Ludum Dare web games on your game page

I actually added this last Ludum Dare, but didn’t mention it: You can now embed your web games on your game page. Embeds are currently limited to any size equal-to or below 900×600 pixels. The limit is due to the current website layout. If you need more than that, you should offer to full-screen your game.

And More!

Deals, Assets, Wallpapers and more! Click the buttons below the countdown clock for more.

Keynote! Hosted by Sol_HSA

We actually released the keynote early (last week). In case you missed it, Sol_HSA challenged you to try something new. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here it is again:

Extra! A “History” of Ludum Dare

Our friends at the Button Masher Bros made this OUTRAGEOUS Ludum Dare themed comedy video… err… I mean Historically Accurate Documentary on Ludum Dare *cough*. Contains profanity.

That’s all for now. Go vote!!


79 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 32!”

  1. MightyToast says:

    Here we go! Pretty good set of themes; most should allow variety and let people put their own spin on things. Now to wait!

  2. Honestly, I think that this is the best final theme list that we have had in a long time. I don’t really like Companion, which is probably going to be the winning theme, but oh well. Good luck to everyone!

    • MightyToast says:

      Companion does have a pretty high score so far… What don’t you like about it?

      The problem that comes to mind for me would be everybody implementing a really similar sidekick NPC that follows you around. I think if people want to step outside the box though, it could lead to some more variety than that. Co-op games, story-driven stuff, puzzle solving or combat that requires swapping characters, even like a dog or something that follows you and sniffs out items for you. I think it could be pretty interesting.

      • vini60 says:

        Another problem I believe is the time it requires to make a game with that theme. It will be a puzzle solving game that needs a bunch of levels, and level designing is time consuming in game development; that’s why I don’t like Companion as a theme, IMO.

  3. mohammad says:

    The theme will be abandoned.
    If I get it right I call dubs.

  4. sararyCow says:

    I do not relish any theme but I’ll accept any of them. My favourites of this set are Abandoned and Adapt to survive.

  5. coasterspaul says:

    The HTML5 Unity export has the silliest excuse for lighting ever. I may export to it as well, but…

  6. Warboys says:

    Companion is probably gonna win, but now I’m trying to not think of ideas for it because it’s totally CHEATING before LD starts 😉

    • incobalt says:

      It also doesn’t work. I once planned out an idea that worked with the top ten themes in the final round, and the top 11th theme was chosen, the one theme I wasn’t prepared for. Needless to say, I got a really low theme score that LD.

  7. Calahagus says:

    Wow! I’m loving all the themes on the list! So excited for the jam.

  8. Will Edwards says:

    I am so underwhelmed; so are these the themes that the LD community as a whole liked best? None of my style of theme are on the list. Oh well.

    My gripe isn’t so much that I can’t think of really weird takes on the themes, its that I know the games always favour a very literal obvious take on the theme. When I lept from “Evolution” to “only the fittest survive” everyone said it wasn’t on-theme!?

  9. FelipeTavares says:

    Super-thanks for the OBS tip! Really neat tool!

  10. pixzleone says:

    See you when it begins! (00:03 on saturday here in sweden…)

    Good luck, and HAPPY LUDUM DARING!

  11. TwiiK says:

    NPAPI plugins are just soft disabled in Chrome for the time being. You can reenable them by pasting “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” into the address bar, clicking enable and restarting chrome. This will work until September of October I think.

  12. hexagore says:

    Could probably do with a guide to making games embeddable, or at least how to make sure that when the player presses space it doesn’t cause the game entry page to scroll down :)

  13. savagem3585 says:

    Thanks for giving me the useful information. I think I need it. Thank you

  14. Erkberg says:

    Brace yourselves – companion apps are coming.

    • Anyone else think that “Grow” or “Harvest” would be a great theme for spring?

      • TwiiK says:

        If grow wins I’ll make a boner game. 😀

      • Grow seems very very limiting. Same for Harvest. Terrible, terrible themes when you consider 2000 games being made on them.

        • Tijn says:

          What’s limited about growth? It could mean so many things. Grow a plant or animal, but also grow a business, grow your empire, grow as a person. It could be about the abstract sense of things getting larger, which you could use in a puzzle game. The subject of growth is applicable to so many different things, why would that make such a terrible theme?

          • TwiiK says:

            I agree with George. They are not limiting in the sense that you can if you really want to create something unique with them, but they do have sort of a “default” interpretation about them. Just google “Grow games” and you’ll get pages filled with those grow flash games and similar games, which I imagine is what the majority will make with such a theme.

            On the other hand the last theme “Entire game on one screen” didn’t imply anything about the game of genre of game being made other than it being sort of a technical restriction.

            Even though I’ve been following Ludum Dare for a long time this is the first one I will actually participate in. And I imagine themes like “shed”, “bucket” or just any substantive like that could make really cool theme. It doesn’t imply any genre. “shed” could even mean to shed something rather than the more literal meaning of a game that takes place in a shed. But you could do so much weird stuff with such a simple theme.

            What is a shed game? Google will give you nothing, you’ll have to figure it all out for yourself. :p It could be a RTS game between ants and flies, a tool sorting game, a mystery game, a horror game. I would love a theme like that both for myself and to see the games other people create.

        • Stuntddude says:

          I’m just completely amazed that anyone thinks a theme as open to interpretation as “Grow” is somehow limiting.

  15. stoo says:

    One of my pet peeves has always been Unity games which are marked as web games (or Flash for that matter). When I think of web games I think of something built in HTML and Javascript, probably with WebGL or canvas and maybe a smattering of CSS. Because I’m a web developer and I love and am fascinated by those technologies. Clicking on a web game and findnig out it was actually a Unity game was always a bit disappointing for me.

    Negativity over, my vote is in and I’m excited about some of the themes up for grabs!

    • hexagore says:

      That link that just says “Web” is a bit of a magical mystery tour sometimes. Actual browser game? Plugin? A link to someone’s dropbox where you download the game? A site full of flippin’ adverts?

      The Ludum Dare Itch.io site though lets people filter by platform, and the choices are “Flash”, “Unity”, “Java”, “LÖVE” and “HTML5” etc so it definitely helps developers when they’re more specific!

  16. GreaseMonkey says:

    Linux users: If you want a screenrecording/screencasting program, SimpleScreenRecorder is also a good option. I have it working on FreeBSD, and still get good framerates despite the lack of glinject for my OS. You should be able to get 60fps for 640×480 on an i5.

  17. ViKing Games says:

    No kittens? I am disappointed.

  18. Jwatt says:

    kish kash get dat ca$h

    Oyea and HYPE also get hype

  19. GoldPlatedXplodingFist says:

    I can’t believe i forgot to backup my .app file for chrome so i would have the old version to play unity games.
    Oh well guess i’ll just use safari for unity games *sigh*.

  20. Norgesnerd says:

    I tested Beam’s stream delay, it was four seconds. Do. Recommend. It has awesome UI too, so it’ll take the place in my heart where Twitch previously was :)

  21. Frozen Stick says:

    Ah really harvest?!:(

    It’s not gonna be finished in 72 hours…Better be grow if it gonna be related to spring!Don’t you think?

  22. joshg says:

    And remember, if all you’re using is arrow keys, and you want to support alternative keyboard layouts without adding a key configuration screen:

    WASD (qwerty) / ZQSD (azerty) / ,AOE (dvorak)

    None of these overlap, so: Up = W or Z or Comma, Left = A or Q, Down = S or O, Right = D or E.

    Not that Dvorak is that important, but AZERTY is all of France and Belgium…


  23. sydan says:

    I can’t think how to make ‘deeper and deeper’ into something original that won’t just be a dungeon crawler or some dark cave based game. Worried about that theme…

  24. This is my obligatory “I’m in!” message. Makes it harder to back out also :)

    I’ll be using Unity with C#, Bfxr/Labchirp/Figure/Audacity for audio and music, PhotoShop and Genetica for graphics and maybe a bit of 3DSMax.

    To stay awake, loud music (Bowie/Ween/Tame Impala) and energy drinks a-plenty!

  25. liquidmedia says:

    I am in. This is my second time, I will be doing the compo using Unity 5 C# programming language, Blender and Gimp for the graphics, and AudioSauna, for the Audio effects and music. I will be running the free versions of all the programs.

  26. jasoncar says:

    I’m in, depending on theme…

  27. acronaut says:

    where to submit?

  28. Jeff0029 says:

    Just wondering for opting out of sounds. If I get source from internet but mix it myself and implementing myself am I still illegible?

  29. jodiejarvis123 says:

    Very interesting, I’ve spent a lot of time to read and think about it, thanks for your ideas.

  30. Q-ro says:

    Quick question, is there a schedule of when the upcoming ludumdare are coming up ?

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