Unity 2D Platformer Controller Free on Github

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April 15th, 2015 10:58 am

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share the 2D Platformer Controller  I’ve been building up for awhile now. It’s a Unity3D package that you can drop in your scene to get immediate tweakable platforming mechanics for a player. It’s completely within the rules of Ludumdare and now you can spend your time implementing other mechanics instead of creating all the movement and jumping mechanics for the player.

Unity 2D Platformer Controller

The package allows your standard movement, jumping, air jumps, wall jumps, corner grabs, corner jumps, wall slides, and dashes. Every one of these features can be turned off or modified in the editor.

It’s open source and completely free. Why reinvent the wheel? Especially when you only have 48/72 hours!


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5 Responses to “Unity 2D Platformer Controller Free on Github”

  1. Tuism says:

    Awesome! There was another 2D controller that I had used before, but you had me at corner grabs and corner jumps!

    (that’s this one: https://github.com/prime31/CharacterController2D, what would you say is the difference between yours and this one?)

    Thanks so much! 😀

  2. CJ K says:

    Prime31’s Character Controller has slopes and one way platform support (which mine is unfortunately lacking right now!). Whereas mine has built in support for wall jumps, corner grabs, corner jumps, air jumps, and dashes.

    So whichever is the best fit for the game :)

  3. jhito says:

    This is a very amazing tool thank you sir but are you open in teaching newbies like me? like how to use it for an existing one?

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