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April 15th, 2015 9:19 am

The current front runners so far:


This seems pretty open, and any old random game people make wouldn’t automatically fit this theme (unlike, say, Entire Game On A Single Screen where you have to actually go out of your way to *not* make a game that fits this). I think this may hit the magic sweet spot between specific and vague, open and narrow and generally pretty acceptable for most types of game devs?

Deeper and deeper 

My first thought was that this was too similar to Beneath the Surface but “Deeper and Deeper” suggests progress and movement, whereas Beneath was about revealing hidden worlds. I guess we’d end up seeing an awful lot of digging and diving games, and lots of strategy games involving drilling and mining, which is pretty much what we got for Beneath the Surface so.. I kinda hope this isn’t the winning theme just because, ugh, digging in mud again? Please no.

Adapt To Survive

At first I thought, “wouldn’t every single game fit this theme?” but now I think that it’s actually rather a difficult theme to do justice to – it sort of suggests power ups. Metroidvania games, RPGs, strategy etc. It’s probably a good theme for interactive fiction too but people who enjoy making single screen twitch reflex games or just generally single-mechanic games may find this theme pushes them well out of their comfort zone. Or you just take any game and add some flavour text that says “You need to adapt (by learning how to play this game) in order to survive” and voila.

However, traditionally the theme I dread the most is usually the one that gets picked so I’m going to call it: The theme for LD32 is going to be Adapt to Survive.

Among The Stars

Again, initial thought was “omg 3000 space games”, which will almost certainly be the case… but “stars” can also mean “celebrities” so we may have some funny games involving David Hasselhoff. It’s definitely the most restrictive in terms of setting, but completely open in terms of genre and mechanics. Not very inspiring, though, unless you think very laterally.


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  1. sydan says:

    Completely agree with you on all these points. Really looking for companion as the theme here as it’s so strong. Adapt to survive will be do-able too but the other two are tough and don’t feel like they’re going to produce a good range of games.

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