Live Free Or I’m In

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April 15th, 2015 4:44 am



I’m in.

I’ll be making a game for the Game Boy Advance.

It’s a piece of hardware that’s capable of doing stuff like THIS:

WIP shot of an Armagetron Advance demakeLD32 Warmup Indev shotMiniLD #58 entry

I also proved it was possible to poorly encode the entirety of Too Many Cooks @ the full 24fps in under 32MB. (It can only decode 40% of a frame every vblank.)

Oh, and the usual list:

  • Languages: C, Python (for table generation and format wrangling and crap like that)
  • Libraries: f3m, libgcc for embedded ARM (if I need a libc function I’ll roll it myself)
  • Music: SchismTracker, Scream Tracker 3, possibly SunVox
  • Samples: Audacity, SunVox
  • Graphics: pixra, GIMP

There’s a chance I’ll be using my ADPCM decoder, which is here:

I doubt I’ll use the mode7 engine in there, though.

But anyway, as they say, it’s on like Sonic the Hedgehog.


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