Some Ludum Dare Practice.

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April 14th, 2015 11:05 am

I’ve never done an RPG for Ludum Dare before (also on the list: Driving game), so I really want to go in that direction if the theme supports it.  I’ve been practicing my procedural dungeon map generation.  As a bonus, this could also work really well for a Master of Orion style galaxy — instead of rooms, those could be stars connected by hyperspace routes.




Brown Blocks = Rooms

White Lines = Room connectivity graph, based on a relative neighborhood graph with a bit of minimum-spanning-tree work.

Green Blocks = Hallways based on connectivity graph.

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  1. Gravity Games says:

    I can tell you from experience, if you’re making an RPG or Roguelike game, it’s much better to spend a couple of hours and make your items and enemies data driven, and be able to add new ones in 30 seconds each, than to spend an hour and a half to make all of them hardcoded, and then get several new ideas for items/enemies that take five minutes each to add. I learned that one the hard way several times before my current RPG project, and I still doubt I’ll be able to do everything I originally planned in time for the Adventure Jam. RPGs have really hard frameworks to set up, but are the easiest games to add content to, so be prepared to get that base code done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I wouldn’t flat out say don’t do it, as bad ideas make good learning opportunities in my experience, but I would spend the last few days before the compo learning good RPG structures. But what do I know, I’m likely giving experience to someone who knows more about game dev than me.

    (Also, though this last one is a bit of a nitpick, I’d advise going with the cliche and standard Final Fantasy-esque menu based RPG battle system. It’s honestly very boring and I’m quite sick of seeing it for no other reason than because it’s easy to program…)

    • quill18 says:

      Oh don’t worry, I’m quite aware. And besides, I’m not a fan of JRPGs.

      I’m specifically interested in making an Action-RPG (either Diablo- or Isaac-style). Action-RPGs thrive on hordes of really dumb, weak enemies which are much easier to code and considerably easier to balance.

      Another advantage of doing an ARPG is also that they mesh well with randomly-generated items. Instead of making 10 hard-coded swords, I make 10 modifiers that can be randomly assigned to different weapons and scale based on item level (which is linked to the level of the creature that drops it).

  2. dusho says:

    good luck quill18, looking forward to your stream again?
    Also, your item generation technique sounds ok, but people generally hate RNG items. If I manage to create RPG with items I want to try out idea I have:
    – have several ‘Legendary’ items with really good modifiers that play well together
    – have RNG pick from those legendaries, and have your luck (bad luck) dice over items modifiers and either remove then, make them weaker or swap them for other
    – still have some modifier scale

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