Spinning cube! I mean, I’m in

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April 13th, 2015 12:20 pm

Behold my amazing spinning cube!


This is from my base code, using Three.js and can be found here on GitHub (until I rename the repository to whatever my game’s name is going to be).

My previous games were all 2D, done with hand-rolled engines of various degrees of sophistication. None of them came close to the power of Three.js.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to make an actual 3D game this time, but because I haven’t used Blender in over five years, it’ll probably be mostly cubes, spheres and octahedrons. (Mmm, octahedrons.) But with fog and DoF and god rays and all the other bells and whistles that Three.js offers, I bet I can make it look good.

Complete tool suite:

  • Typescript. Seeing compile errors as soon as you save the file will be a huge time saver.
  • Three.js, as mentioned.
  • Howler.js for playing sound effects. Or I might use a Three.js plugin for 3D audio.
  • jfxr for creating sound effects. Or I might yell/burp/fart into a microphone.
  • Inkscape for vector graphics, if I want them.
  • Krita for artsy graphics, if I want them. I’m somewhat new to Krita, but it seems to resemble Photoshop closely enough that I can figure it out.
  • vim.

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