Very excited to be in again.  This is my 5th (non-consecutive) ludum dare over the last few years and really looking forward to it.

Tools planned for this expedition:

  • Language: HaxeFlixel
  • Platform(s) : Web/Windows/Mac/Linux/All THE THINGS!!! (Because I can)
  • Artwork : Photoshop
  • Music : FlStudio
  • Sound : FlStudio, bfxr, audacity

And to make things a little more interesting and fun, my son has decided he wants to take part this time as well.  He didn’t want to work with me in the jam, he wanted to do the compo…

by himself…

in 48 hours…

by himself…

He’s 8…

So… we’ve been over this a number of times… a number of a number of times…  and I’m convinced he understands exactly what this entails.  I’ve seen him make games.  So… at this point I see no point not to let him just go for it…

Tools he’ll be using for this expedition:

  • Language: Scratch
  • Platform(s) : Web
  • Artwork : and Scratch
  • Sound : Scratch and his microphone

We’ll both be in the Compo, and right next to each other, and plan to stream all the shenanigans and goings on.

Good luck to everyone!  And may the theme selected be the one you’re banking on!




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