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April 13th, 2015 3:45 pm


I’m in for this Ludum Dare! (Well, actually it’s a 95% probability but who cares?)

This will be my first real Ludum Dare. For the first one I participated in, I couldn’t get any ideas and I thus did nothing. I also didn’t have a lot of experience in game development.

Since then I have developed a few games and finished a few of them. I took part in a pseudo game jam with three friends (Goutye, Aomeas and kidanger) about a year ago. I would say it was a success, even if the game was not really what we had anticipated, since it was the first time I created a game in such a short period of time. I mostly did the interactions between the different components of the game and the sounds and music. A few months ago, I created a game in about 9 hours in Javascript from start to finish, including the graphics, the sound effects and the music. It was a very simple game but it proved me I could make something coherent in a very short time. Finally I created a 3D space racing game for a school project in about 2-3 working days a few weeks ago. With all of that, I do believe I have acquired the experience necessary to make a game in 48 hours. The only problem I may have is not finding any idea. But now I know that if I find a simple idea, I’ll probably be able to make something with it.

For this Ludum Dare, if I decide to make a 2D game, I will be using Java with a custom framework that you can find here : https://github.com/stevenlr/Waffle. If it ends up being a very good help, I may develop it more and make it a real framework. I will be using IntelliJ Idea as my IDE. GIMP will be my tool of choice for the graphics, and probably sfxr for the sound effects. I unfortunately don’t have my MIDI keyboard with me so I probably won’t be able to make music.

If I decide to make a 3D game, I will be using my OpenGL framework Bloop : https://github.com/stevenlr/Bloop. I would then use C++ with Visual Studio and Blender for the models. I have sounds implemented in a fork of this project (https://github.com/stevenlr/Kuiper-Race) with OpenAL. However, since the sound module is not well integrated in the base framework and since it still lacks a proper models/shaders/textures registry, I will probably avoid making a 3D game, unless I have a brilliant and feasible idea.

Anyway I’m rambling way too much, GLHF!

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