Lessons learned from LD31

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April 12th, 2015 9:12 pm

I made some notes, mostly from the last Ludum Dare, LD31.

  1. With HTML and swfobject.js, there seems to be no way to get initial mouse and
    keyboard focus without using wmode = “opaque” or possibly “window”, both of
    which apparently have performance problems.  If you use wmode = “direct” for
    embedding Flash, people will have to click the flash video first for Flixel,
    and that click will apparently get ignored.  Modifying Flixel might be one way
    to fix it.  I just worked around it by making the game initially pause so there
    is a big arrow that makes it sort of obvious people need to click.
  2. Sometimes FlashDevelop seems to stop detecting compile errors, but when you
    run the standalone Flash player, it will freeze without doing anything.  In
    this situation, if you close the Flash player and restart FlashDevelop, the
    next time you compile the error(s) should be properly detected.
  3. The standalone Flash player seems to have a bit of lag playing sound effects.
    However, playing the game in FireFox seems to make it better, so don’t panic!
  4. The “0.2” master volume in BFXR seems to work with 22 volume on my computer.
    However, BFXR annoyingly seems to reset the master volume with each new sound,
    so be very careful if you are wearing headphones.
  5. If I do something silly with a title/menu page like making it a minigame, some
    people may like it, but other people may be annoyed by it.  My conclusion is
    that I should include a skip button or keypress in that case so the people who
    get annoyed can jump straight to gameplay.


Also, here is my previous lessons learned post for reference:  http://ludumdare.com/compo/2014/12/05/lessons-learned-from-last-time/

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