Doing things a bit differently

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April 12th, 2015 11:16 am

As the title says, I’m changing my game up a bit. (Pardon the pun) So far, I’ve made two LD-games using plain Java, and one using libGDX. This time, I’m using Unity. I haven’t used a proper engine like this in years (used GameMaker a few years ago), so this’ll be an interesting new experience. List of the tools I’ll probably use:

  • Engine: Unity 5 Personal Edition
  • Models: Blender
  • Textures: Paint.NET/GIMP
  • Music: LMMS/Sonic Pi/Beepbox (depending on how much time/inspiration I have at the time)
  • Sound effects: Bfxr

Happy Ludum Dareing to everyone, have fun. (Daring?)

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