Iniam. Getting exiiiiiiited :)

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April 10th, 2015 9:08 am

Is it that time of the year again, when i will aim high, miss by a great margin but somehow always manage to learn something and enjoy the experience.

Well then, i am in (bar any unforseen and awkward ‘social interference’), during my first LD’s i tried out different libraries and tools, but this time i will probably go back to as i did a prototype with it and this yo generator really makes it easy to do that.

IDE is as usual my favourite (yes, it is so good that i even paid for it instead of going for any of the free alternatives) PHPstorm, no other IDE comes even close to its features and you can find plugin for everything ( i really DO like it a lot ;p ).

Hopefully this time i will manage to make a ‘real game’ and by that i mean a game that has a beginning and an ending, that is fun, can be won and restarted, has sound (woooohoohoooo, things to hear…) and challenging victory conditions aka motivation.

Lets see if this time i am able to squeeze all that into two short days.

Oh and did i mention that as always i want it to be a witty interpretation of the theme?!

So what could possibly go wrong, it just has to be amazing! 😉

On that note,

goeth forth and codeth / designeth / haveth funeth

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