Warmup Weekend for Ludum Dare 32

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April 9th, 2015 9:55 am

Are you itching for some Dare? Yeah! Are you ready though? Nope!?! Then between now and the start, you’re encouraged to test your tools. We call it Warmup Weekend (but we don’t mind when you submit, be it today or next week). Make some art, import it, and draw it on screen. Make some sounds, import them, and play them on cue. If you’re using a new development tool, figure out the development cycle. Learn how to make a release too!

Bullet point summary:

  • No rules or limits. This is practice.
  • Learn your development tools! Write some code, run it.
  • Make some art, get it on screen, make it move.
  • Print some text to the screen. Print some text to a log (if applicable).
  • Make some sound, get it in game, make it play.
  • If you’re motivated enough, make your experiments in to a game!
  • Make something that should take “hours”, not 2 days.
  • Then package it up, put it online.
  • No time or day limit. But if you have no other plans this weekend, why not?

If you like what you’ve done, feel free to share it.

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25 Responses to “Warmup Weekend for Ludum Dare 32”

  1. Ace says:

    Warmup weekend already?

    Where did the time go? I haven’t even had time to touch the framework I was planning on using yet.

  2. TajamSoft says:

    Good time to start testing new tools! :)

  3. monticello says:

    Hey guys, I am new here..

    Is the theme already defined as “Slaughter”? Or should we wait for the theme until April 17th?

  4. Jajo says:

    Well, I’ve rarely used Slick2D, which I plan on using this Dare, so I should probably get some practise done…

  5. Leon Byford says:

    Started working on a game using <canvas>, though I probably won’t use it for the proper Ludum Dare. I’ve given it the silly name of Tnahpele, and it’s almost a Simon clone, but with a slight twist. Hopefully I’ll have time to complete it before LD32.

  6. rezoner says:

    Hiya, if anyone is about to give javascript a try this LD – I have pushed a big update to the framework I’ve used for all my LD’s – http://playgroundjs.com

    It is not an engine – it just takes care of mouse, keyboard and gives you a nice (canvas based) API to draw in 2D.

  7. Zero says:

    Time to see what I can put together.

  8. Leon Byford says:

    Huh, apparently I’m the first person to submit a game for this. Then again, the quality of my game is rather poor. Still, I personally find it kinda fun, so if you’re a fan of memory games, perhaps you’ll enjoy Tnahpele.

    • monticello says:

      I just tried.
      The second series is not working properly (it always give us game over, even if we make the series properly)

      • Leon Byford says:

        Can you confirm that you’re not inputting the sequence in the order that it is given to you? In most cases, doing so should result in a Game Over. It’s not just a Simon clone. :-)

        Of course, if you are inputting the sequence in the correct order (and not simply in the most obvious order), then that’s a bug I should fix.

  9. shemokam says:

    I didnt use a tool before so I think I`ll try using tools and see what works for me :)

  10. Frozen Stick says:

    I really like to submit a game,but laziness…anyone have an idea how to overcome this?

  11. avenkat says:

    Im 12 and posting a game 4 this in 2 hours.

  12. ctufaro says:

    Lazy ass question alert! I can’t find a rules section? (This is my first LD). What are we supposed to submit in 5 days?

  13. Jwatt says:

    I won’t have time to submit a warmup this time, but nonetheless this reminds me to update Flashfunk with a few tidbits. Namely better bitmap access and more “default UI” stuff. Those are some minor inconveniences that I find I shouldn’t need to rethink every time.

  14. garnan says:

    Im in

    I wanna try it

    languages (for game development): java(advance), c#(little), javascript(little) but I can do my best in this challenge

    IDEs: IntelliJDEA, neatbeans, unity(little)

  15. xhunterko says:

    When is the submission deadline for this?

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