It’s Ludum Dare 32! Why not try something new? KEYNOTE!

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April 9th, 2015 6:07 pm

Lets try something new! How about the keynote RIGHT NOW? A week early.


Ludum Dare 32 Keynote, hosted by Sol_HSA

Jari (Sol_HSA) is a long time Ludum Dare veteran who’s been with us since the beginning. He got it touch with me a few weeks back with an idea of his. A challenge, just for you.

If you’re new to Game Jams and Ludum Dare, welcome. You’re about to do something amazing.

If you’re a veteran, then why not try something new?

A new development tool? A new role? A new team?

Here’s Jari with more:

Conveniently, this weekend is Warmup Weekend. A perfect chance to figure out that new tool or workflow. It’s almost as if we planned this. Ha ha!

So, will you take Jari’s challenge?


32 Responses to “It’s Ludum Dare 32! Why not try something new? KEYNOTE!”

  1. TMKCodes says:

    I’ve switched programming language already three times. First with Python then with C++ and with my favorite Go. I am not one genre man. I’m trying something new and I will use Go and SFML like last time. πŸ˜›

    Great job Jari on the Keynote!

  2. KunoNoOni says:

    This will be my 10th time entering and my first time using Unity 5. Its going to be exhilarating and scary all at the same time! Also I LOVE how the Keynote is exactly 3 minutes and 20 seconds long! Well played!

  3. Tim Bumpus says:

    I can appreciate this keynote being so calm next to the high-energy, “quick cuts” sort of video editing that’s become so prevalent. If I decide to do this one, I might try out Twine or some other form of interactive fiction for a change. (Of course, finishing anything would be a change. =p)

  4. pixzleone says:

    This will be my 2nd time, and I will probably stick with unity 5. I will try to make my game more complex, with better graphics and audio. Also I want to have a good tutorial, so people understand what they’re supposed to do!

    Happy Ludum Daring!

  5. Jani NykΓ€nen says:

    Well, I think I’ll use my custom Html5/Javascript once again. I have tried to use a new language/engine in game jams before, and every time I have failed. Maybe I could try C++ and SFML (I used C++ and Allegro in my first Ludum Dare), but C++ is not very fast language. I have Unity 5 on my PC, but I would not like to use Windows since all my other tools are on Linux.

    But even though I use the same tools like before (although the framework is updated since last Ludum Dare), I’ll try to make something new. You’ll see.

  6. Jeasonfire says:

    This’ll be my first LD using a proper big engine. I made my first two LD games in plain Java, third I made in Java with LibGDX and now I’m probably going to use Unity 5.
    It’s going to be fun, getting something done again. Been a while.

  7. jthistle says:

    I might have a go with Unreal Engine next LD, but not this one because I don’t really have the time to learn how to use Unreal Engine before LD32 πŸ˜› nice ideas though, and a great keynote!

  8. Jwatt says:

    Komppaan Komppaa. (Sorry, I had to)

    It’s my long-lasting belief that game jams are a great opportunity to get out of one’s comfort zone. I always try to spice up my jam games with fresh mechanics or production, because I find that makes for a more interesting experience, both for me and the players. If game jams ever became “routine”, they would be pointless to me.

  9. Tijn says:

    For me, participating at all is getting out of my comfort zone and doing something different.

  10. uheartbeast says:

    I’m really excited for this LD.

  11. Zammalad says:

    As this will be my first LD (not counting the last miniLD) I am going to go with code I am comfortable with to be sure I make my target which is to get a working game complete in the time allowed.

    Really looking forward to it and also seeing what people produce.

  12. Jajo says:

    Yes. I shall have fun in Ludum Dare 32. I must have fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. One more fun, just for good luck.

  13. Jajo says:

    Anyway, I’ll probably be using a different library. I love being a low level guy.

  14. arfo says:

    I’m quite new to game development, and also i’m quite new in the LD world. Actually this is the first time i’m actually following a LD challenge. I’ll try to make something, and have fun. I have some basic knowledge with Game Maker, But I’ve been thinking on giving Unreal Engine a shoot. Also I’ve been trying to be a music producer for a few years now, I can totally use that to make my game sounds. Might be fun. And If I make it, it will be my first game ever. Woah. Wish me luck, and have fun, guys!

  15. CodeNMore says:

    That’s funny, in my I’m In post I mentioned that I would be doing everything in reverse – making music first, then art, then code – like he mentioned in the video. This way I won’t have an excuse for having no music!

  16. schnerble says:

    I like the idea in principle. One thing I’ve noticed though is that the better you know your tools, the better the end result – so changing languages and/or libraries can really slow things down unless you have enough time to practise beforehand. That said, I only needed a couple of hours practising with Phaser.js and became far more productive than in previous compos, so it all comes down to making the right decisions I guess :)

    I’ve made games in a different genre every time, and never exactly the same combination of language + library (though I may this time), so I’m all for keeping things interesting and challenging. I think I’d probably get sick of the compos pretty quickly if I kept making the same sorts of games all the time.

  17. eemmbbeerr says:

    The guy in the keynote used the same pronounciation of ‘Dare’ as I do. Clearly, it is the superior one!
    /heh heh heh/

    Anyway, I/we are in for the 5th time.
    Our challenge this time: NO LEVELS.
    Whatever we make turns out to be, it will have no levels. Random or procedural generation, whatever, just no levels whatsoever.
    Other than that, good luck to everyone and have fun of course!

  18. RadioLemon says:

    Nice and inspiring keynote!

  19. Gurglor says:

    * Make a good game
    * Actually finish this one!

    That’s my to-do list for LD 32. XD

    Let’s do this!

  20. maunovaha says:

    Good keynote! :)

    Looking forward to this ludumdare. After all, it’s my first one! :]

    That being said, I am not going to solo too much by choosing tools or languages which I am unfamiliar with.. Thus, I actually failed many gamejams by doing so. πŸ˜€

    Good luck everyone!

  21. rburema says:

    Nice :-)

    It seems there is some synchronicity at work here, since I would be doing /all/ of those things anyway… (even tough the ‘switch to working alone when normally working in teams’ only really counts on a technicality, I guess).

    This probably means I’m going to fail, but ‘success’ was never really a goal. ‘An attempt’ definitely is, though! :-)

    (P.S. First time participant.)

  22. Actually my first LD! I was supposed to join on LD30 but I wasn’t able to do the past two due to unforeseen circumstances. I hope this one goes well for me, and I am really excited!

  23. GVmakesGames says:

    Oh, that’s right, even if I didn’t plan it, I just noticed that ALL the games I have ever completed are platformers (a 3D platformer, a 2D platformer and a 2D puzzle with platformer elements) and they all contain lasers in some way (the first one has “laser graphics”, the second one has a laser easter egg that can’t be triggered and the third one has a weapon).

    How did this even happen?!?

    (ps: if I finally solve the issue I have with Java not loading resources after compiling, I’ll try using my own Java engine πŸ˜€ )

  24. Tijn says:

    I’m not sure if that figure of only 20% of the users are new to LD are that accurate. I’ve gathered some stats from past LDs and according to those, about 40% to 60% of users are actually first time participants:

  25. Cstudios says:

    we usually code website stuff (PHP, HTML, JS, SQL, etc…), so entering with anything else would be different. :)

  26. The Evil Cult says:

    Well, I don’t have enough time to learn a new programming language and still release a game at the quality that I want. I’m also the only programmer in our jam team so I can’t really get out of that either.

    So given these constraints, the new thing that I’m trying is to really focus on some of the smaller elements of a game that really give it polish. I’ll add several settings screens for things like volume, keybindings, and video. I’ll put a huge focus on a user interface that feels right. There’ll be “juiciness” everywhere.

    Basically, I want the game to feel finished with polish. That’s my goal.

    Other than that, there are some other things that I’d like to do if possible. If the theme supports it I want to play around with a fun dialogue system and really have a game driven by character interactions and story. I’d like to play around with NPC behaviours and AI. I’d really like to add things like fear and threat.

  27. agmcleod says:

    Heh now i’m thinking I should try C++ & SFML. Though really I feel like i’d get stuck in trying to release different compiled versions for mac & windows.

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