Accesskey for Theme slaughter

Posted by (twitter: @LiamLimeGames)
April 8th, 2015 1:33 pm

Edit: The solution is in the comments of this post, thanks to misson20000!

So, uh, it takes TWO SECONDS per topic to tell the website whether it is good or bad, yet only takes about 10 miliseconds to determine that in your mind. So OBVIOUSLY the remaining 1.990 seconds is wasted time and could be OPTIMIZED! 😀

I propose three simple words get added to the slaughter php file, which would make the slaughter process much, much faster.

<a style=”color:#080;” href=”?up=##” accesskey=”a”>GOOD</a>

<a style=”color:#800;” href=”?down=##” accesskey=”d”>BAD</a>

<a style=”color:#f00;” href=”?kill=##” accesskey=”s”>SLAUGHTER</a>

This way we could slaughter topics about 4x faster, as it would just involve holding down LEFT ALT* and pressing A, S or D to determine which bin the topic goes in. Pleeeaaaaasseeeeeee 😀

*Alt + shift + accesskey for Firefox; Ctrl + alt + accesskey on Mac; Alt + accesskey for others.

Oh also did I mention I’m in? Uh… I’m in! 😀

11 Responses to “Accesskey for Theme slaughter”

  1. misson20000 says:

    Or you could script up something in greasemonkey and not even have to press Alt.

  2. Liam :D says:

    Awesome! You missed one keystroke tho! 😀 (At least for Tampermonkey, may work properly in greasemonkey)

    The include should be: (notice the asterisk at the end)
    // @include*

    Let the slaughter continue! 😀

  3. danylancasters says:

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