Reversely In!

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April 2nd, 2015 3:29 pm

Well, I’m in, but I’m approaching everything a bit differently…every single game I have created lacked music, good sound effects, and they never had the greatest art, so here is my plan:

  • Create a music soundtrack first
  • Create some general sound effects (if I have obtained an idea)
  • Begin the art and really map out the idea
  • Program and put it all together

I am doing everything I have done in the past, but in a reverse order!  Even if my game is not fun, hopefully it’ll look like my best game!  I’ll be using:

No matter what happens, I always have fun!

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  1. alyphen says:

    I usually start with music, and it tends to work out pretty well – it gives you the atmosphere for the game for the rest of development.
    Doing it this way means you need to estimate the amount of assets though – considering it’s a jam, you usually need considerably less than you think you need.
    For music, I’d say one or two 2-minute tracks is usually more than adequate, and with sprites, just do the ones that are absolutely required and then add others as required later if you have the time (you usually won’t in jams)

    Lastly, give IntelliJ a go, it allows you to write Java a lot faster than eclipse if you learn things like live templates.

    • CodeNMore says:

      Thanks for the advice! I’m no composer or artist, but I’ll make it work without losing track of time. I’ve tried IntelliJ before, but it is just not for me – we all have different preferences :) thanks!

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