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April 2nd, 2015 6:35 am

Time to prepah-ray for Ludum Dah-ray! – If you are not already hyped listen this song 😀
This will be my third time participating, but last time I didn’t submit a game :(

My tools:

  • Language: HTML5/Javascript
  • Engine: own engine
  • Editor: Sublime Text 3 – last time: Sublime Text 2
  • Task runner: Gulp – new
  • Compiler: Babel – new
  • Graphics: pyxelEdit + Paint.NET – last time: only Paint.NET
  • Audio: Bfxr
  • Hosting: Google Drive
  • Beta Tester: Friends with What’s app – new

As you can see my setup changed a little. I finally bought a license for Sublime Text and PyxelEdit. Also I started using a Task runner and ECMAscript6 features, so programming is more comfortable.
I also worked on my engine. It’s quite experimental and isn’t super performing, but I think it’s comfortable for me, even if it’s quite low level (no particle system) I don’t recommend using it, but if you are interested I included a small demo in the source folder to show the basic features. There may be some minor changes until Ludum Dare starts.

Hopefully this time I can submit a cool Game. To be honest: so far I am a loser in Ludum Dare. The first time I submitted a crappy Game. But thanks to the people how commented on this game and pointed out the good things. You guys cheer me up  :)
Last time I just didn’t came up with a cool idea and didn’t submit a game.
But I will not give up. Programming and graphics work quite well so far (I got my best rating in graphics, never expected that 😀 ) I hope my testers can help me finding a good idea and making it fun to play.

As always: Good luck and have Fun! :)

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  1. brennen says:

    Hey OadT! I am participating in a LD for the first time. I am looking for a team or another person to join for the Jam. I do web based games as well. Check out my stuff here: https://github.com/bpeters

    Would you have any interest in teaming up? Or are you doing the Compo?

    As you can see I do everything in Node. As for game engines go I am comfortable with Impact.js, three.js, and canon.js.

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