Charles Great Quest for Pong Postmortem

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March 30th, 2015 3:03 am

Hi, PixzleOne here!
I don’t know where to start, so I will just start when the mini LD begun, the 20th of March.
I had this idea of a game that I wanted to create even before this mini Ludum Dare.
What I wanted to make was an open world game where you run around and do criminal things, not too different from Grand Theft Auto.
I wanted there to be a open town where you could run around and punch people, steal cars and get hunted by the cops.
I started working on my game right when I got home from school at the 20th of March. The theme had now been announced, but I didn’t really know how to implement pong into my idea. I started making the basic mechanics for a top down GTA clone. I worked on my game every day, but the time flew past. Soon I realised that I didn’t have nearly enough time to create half of the content I had hoped to make. I continued working on it, really wanted to finish in time.
In the end I managed to put together something a bit similar to what I had been aiming for. I got pong into the story, and also some pong inspired gameplay.
It’s a game with a story about a boy named Charles who was in love with his pong game. One day it got stolen and to get it back Charles had to beat the thief in a pong game. When he got to the place, a guard stopped him. To enter he had to become a criminal.
When you have read the story, the game puts you in a small little town. I wanted there to be cars that were driving around in the streets, but I didn’t have time. Instead i put a highway to the left of the town where cars drive. The player cannot drive them unfortunately.
However, your task as a player is now to get 500 fame as a criminal, and you can do this by killing civilians and polices with your fists. Once again, there wasn’t time for me to create more weapons.
If you manage to get 500 fame, you get a bit more story, and then you get to face the thief in a epic pong battle of destiny.

What went well:
I made some story.
I made linear gameplay that follows the story.
I made simple AI for the polices.
I made a simple open world.
I made one music track.

What could have went better (or just went bad) :
The graphics are very simple.
I didn’t have time for any polishing.
The AI is very badly written.
I could have worked a lot more with the pong part.
I wanted to make animated cutscenes.

Be sure to check it out, and tell me if you finish it!
I don’t think you can play it in google chrome.

Ludum Dare page:


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