I just made a small program that can be useful to someone during LD.

It’s similar to shadertoy.com, but offline, with more settings & modern OpenGL and without animation.

It’s intended to be used to draw things that are hard/impossible to do in a graphic editor, like complex gradients, fractal perlin noise, custom filters, etc.



  • Supports OpenGL 3.0+ and GLSL 300+.
  • Supports loading textures from files. (You can configure interpolation and wrapping modes.)
  • Resizable zoomable preview window with useful hotkeys.
  • High quality noise texture generator. (You can use them as source of random numbers for your shaders.)
  • “Ergonomic” “user-friendly” console interface! 😀
  • Wide image format support! (32 bit uncompressed .tga only. :P)

“Project files” are simple .txt’s with shader code and with comment that contains project & texture settings, use any text editor you want.

Project settings can be chosen when you create a project, but if you want to change them later, you need to do it manually. (Documentation is included.)

Windows download

Source (C++, SDL+GLEW)

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5 Responses to “ShaderSandbox – Generate images using GLSL shaders!”

  1. rd127p77 says:

    I have to say that this is the most helpful tool I have ever used. I like how you made easy to use even through the command prompt. 10/10.

    SUGGESTION: It would be helpful to have an option to check what version of OpenGL and GLSL. I had to look up what version I had.

    • HolyBlackCat says:

      GL version does not really matter if you don’t need new shader features. You can just use `3.0` and `300` and it will work (if you’re not on mac). So, I don’t think I’m going to add this feature.

  2. misson20000 says:

    Can Linux users get a build? This looks good.

    • HolyBlackCat says:

      Unfortunately I dont have a PC with linux or virtual machine. You can try to build it yourself, it should be easy. (Please give me link if you’ll do it. :D)

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