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March 25th, 2015 3:44 pm

My game for the Mini-Ludum Dare is pretty much done now and I just uploaded it to However, in the Unity 5 web player I’m getting “Development Build” scrawled along the bottom right of the screen despite this clearly being unchecked in the build settings.


Also, ticking it deliberately and re-exporting it increases the file size, which would suggest Unity knows this is unchecked but doesn’t much care. Some people are mentioning it on the Internets, but the solutions of delete your editor preferences or rebuild in release do not actually work for me. This is a shame because it makes everything look really low-rent.

The Windows build is fine, but I don’t want to just release a binary…


Any ideas?

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  1. mohammad says:

    Why don’t you want to release a binary. It does not really matter if somebody hacks the code with a hex editor or something. Besides, most won’t even play the game if it is not in windows, including myself.
    But if you REALLY don’t want to make a windows build, I suggest porting onto the web as either a HTML or a Flash or some other means of exporting, since HTML5 seems to have the most support.

    • tayl1r says:

      Well, I said I don’t want to “just” release a binary. I’m planning to release it one anyway, but I also want to be able to release in a presentable fashion on the web player. The online version will get by far more play than a downloadable version because it’s a lot more accessible for people.

      I don’t really have the time or inclination to port it and it doesn’t seem like this would be the best solution to a potential bug in Unity. If all else fails it’ll have some crappy text in the corner tbh.

  2. Matty86 says:

    You see dev build because your Web Player is in dev mode, press alt + right click on the unity web player and select release instead of development :)

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