Testing 1-2-3

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March 23rd, 2015 1:23 am

Runner 2015-03-23 00-59-23-81

Been polishing up my proto a bit, finally got a rough html5 test version you can play around with. It should be in fairly functional shape, just don’t be surprised if you get a few quirks with the physics at this point. The html5 build hasn’t been tested much, but it seems okay. The native version will of course be a lot smoother when it’s done.


You’re the blue one on the left. Point the mouse to aim in a direction. Left-click to fire a strong shot, right-click for a light one. You can only shoot when all three bars on the front of your ship are lit up. You gain bars every time the ball bounces of a wall. You instantly gain all your bars back when either the other player makes contact with the ball or you do on the rebound. Yes, the AI is terrible at this point, but they’ll move around to make things interesting at least.


Runner 2015-03-23 01-01-01-28


I’ll keep tweaking and polishing away for a while until it’s good to go, controller support (and local multiplayer) are next on the list. Feel like having a try? Knock yourself out.

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  1. coasterspaul says:

    It seems that the score can’t go past 9, but I’m able to score after 9, so after a while the score will always be 9 – 9. Perhaps it needs a win or lose condition at 9 instead of just losing track of the score.

    • jay griffin says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t have time to put in a win state yet, the the score just won’t progress once you get past 9. Debug keys should still be active in this build, so tapping R should restart the game if you’d like another shot.

  2. DinoD123 says:

    It’s a really fun game. The movement is easy to learn but it’s challenging to master.

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