Hello guys, I started a little late, but I think I had got a nice idea. I wanted to create a Pong version that challenges the players, as how long can you survive? I have it half implemented today, so here is how it looks like now.

These sprites are just place holders, and I’ll be changing it quite a bit tomorrow. My idea is to change the ball to a Deer, and add some tigers to the left of the screen. All you have to do is to stop the deer from running into the tigers, and how much time can you help survive the deer.

Right now, I had got the basics of pong working. I’ll also add some powerups that increase the timer, and some traps which removes some health from the deer. When the health goes zero, or when the deer runs into a tiger, the game ends.

So I have to sleep for today, and I’ll post┬ámy progress again tomorrow. See you again!

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