Tactical EsPONGage Action

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March 22nd, 2015 2:08 am

Started work on my (still untitled) proto this morning, and as I’m about to turn in for the night I’ve got the guts of it together.



Design Stuff

The proto is a mixture of styles, crossing the constant, perpetual ball motion of Pong with elements of Air Hockey. Central to the design is a tactical approach, as once you’ve made a move, your piece is unable to move again until the ball either hits your opponent, ricochets back on you or bounces three times (the three lights on the paddles indicating when you’ll next be able to move).  Pieces are moved by shooting them off in a given direction until friction brings them to a stop. You can cross into the opponent’s side or bounce into them, though such daring moves are likely to leave your goal open for an easy attack.

AI is still a mess, it can throw itself around a little but that’s about it.

One last screenshot of the alpha as it stands, still in need of something a lot less placeholder-y:



So far it’s going well, see how I feel about it tomorrow I guess.

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