Ponball Update#2

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March 21st, 2015 11:03 am

I wrote another post yesterday about Ponball here.

I always wanted to create a classic pinball game, so the theme is the perfect excuse to do so and to give it a little twist 😉

I uploaded a dev build and linked it on my entry page . Feel free to check it out :)

Right now there are two field-elements. One is the classic pinball-bumper and the other is a ramp that leads to a “tower” that holds the ball for a few seconds before it shoots it out in a random direction at high speed. The gif below has way to many balls in action, managing two or three of them is pretty challenging. The gif below was recorded while two AI players played against each other. I haven’t implemented scores yet, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to beat the AI right now.

Unity 5 is pretty awesome for quick prototyping. I only made one game with Unity for another MiniLD (check it out here) and I am very happy about the improvements Unity and I made since then. Getting the physics right is very difficult, but in my experience that is always the case when dealing with physic engines. Also my 3D modelling skills in Blender are not really existent but it’s fun doing stuff in 3D.

I will work more on this tomorrow and will add scores as well as more gameplay-elements (multiball!). Hope you are having a good time!

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