My Text and Turn based Pong Theme game

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March 21st, 2015 2:55 pm

My idea is made a Pong game on you need to move the paddles entering the direction and speed and the ball moving in real time. A Text-Turn based game .

Depending on the speed, you spend a % of energy, so you will need to spend only the necessary to hit the ball.

The one most accuracy in each turn will have more energy to spend and move the paddle every time, but if you waste the energy adding too much speed you soon will get in trouble to not have enough energy to move and hit the ball.

Every turn you will get extra energy and if you end the turn without move you will get bonus energy.

This is an actual mockup of the idea (Click in the image to see the full screen version).

Presing arrows change the paddle direction (Up/Down/Left/Right) and presing the numbers will set the speed and enter will realize the action and will show the energy used (“Player -25%”).

The frictions means how much the paddles will move with a % of energy. With more friction more energy you will need to spend and more shorter will be each point. With a low friction practically with a few speed points you will get from other to the other side.

The gravity is mainly to make the ball more unpredictable(And fun?). Also each Xseconds the speed of the ball will be increased.

Still nothing coded and i don’t know if this will be fun in some way but i guess worth a try, at least for curiosity and well, for participate in my first LDJAM 😛 .


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