Mini LD #58 Theme Interpretation

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March 20th, 2015 2:19 pm


I cannot be shafted writing an AI, and I really don’t feel like redoing Breakout.

What Pinball has:

  • Balls! Yes, that’s right, you can have several at once because just about everything that Williams did has some form of multiball! [citation needed]
  • Bats! Except they’re nailed to the board and can only rotate into one of two configurations.
  • Ability to lose!
  • Score!

What Pinball doesn’t have:

  • Ability to win!

What my platform has:

  • Sprite rotation!
  • “Playfield” rotation!
  • Scanline DMA to hardware registers!

Main thing about this is unlike making Pong (which I pulled off on the Atari 2600 once… only to have someone tell me that the picture rolls on real hardware), this will be an artistic challenge.

But enough procrastination, time to get some *.tga making and loading action happening!

(What? I have 16MB of ROM space to kill…)

Oh, and of course I had to make some music first.

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