Mini LD #58 – March 20-29

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March 13th, 2015 12:09 pm


Welcome to the 58th edition of Mini Ludum Dare!

Starts March 20th  (ish)
Ends March 29 (ish)


The theme is PONG. The old game.
Because it offers endless of possibilities for all game designer at all levels.
Think of the theme as a box of features, pick one or pick all and take it into whatever direction you can imagine.

There are no rules to to how it should be intrepeted.

Exact copies of Pong and Proteus like games where you challange the existence of paddles and square balls do belong here.

I merely ask to use the theme as a springboard for greater ideas or as a foundation to learn and prepare for the main ludum dare event next month.

Make a game based on the theme.
Intrepet the theme however you want.
Use any engine, language, framework, open art/audio you want.

It starts now, good luck!


127 Responses to “Mini LD #58 – March 20-29”

  1. OnePixelMonster says:

    Oh I am in :)

  2. pema99 says:

    Just finished an exact clone, don’t have any ideas. ._.

  3. Mieeh says:

    Cool! Im still new to this so i wonder one thing, where do i like turn in my game? or do people dont do that on minild?

  4. TajamSoft says:

    Awesome theme, i suppose a lot of experimental games will be made :)

    Getting ideas right now, Pong is a thing that can get very creative…


  5. Mattmatt says:

    Can someone help, please ? My app is written in Java : it is a JPanel in a JFrame, and I don’t know how to “convert” it to an applet and post it ( I’m not used to making applets );

  6. NeonDragon says:

    I am in it.

  7. LadyEnigma says:

    first timer is in!

  8. qristofer says:

    Okedoke, I’ll give it a shot.

  9. Cookie2113 says:

    Why does the theme have to be PONG! i have no ideas 😛

  10. EthanWebster says:

    I’m in!

  11. BlehBanana says:

    I’m in and going to make a pong game with horror theme.

  12. bunnyhero says:

    I LOVE PONG. it’s the only multiplayer game i’m any good at ahahha. i’ve actually made 2 pong-inspired games for other jams before, so i just might do this one too!

  13. tanjent says:

    I’m in. Like the theme!

  14. Infinite_Bros says:

    Are we being judged with the standard LD stuff?

  15. Asado says:

    So here are my ideas:
    Pong will be the name of the owner of a Chinese restaurant. You play as Pong trying to survive in the streets of Berlin, killing everyone in the way of his noodle perfection. Or you know… just a Pong clone…

  16. GaTechGrad says:

    I guess this will give me the chance to make something with Unreal Engine 4.

  17. Mattmatt says:

    Hello !

    I’m new to ludum dare, and I don’t know how to create my own web page on which I could post my java applet…
    Can anybody suggest me a tutorial , or help me please ? (Sorry for annoying you…)

  18. tjxx says:

    I’m totally in! Still wondering if I should use javascript rather than Unity.

  19. ccricers says:

    First timer here and first time joining a Mini LD. I just finished making a game off a custom framework so it sounds like a great chance to use it.

  20. milo_00 says:

    First timer as well but I’m in I think

  21. huhwhozat says:

    Anyone else making first person pong? Progress so far:

  22. jay griffin says:

    Okay, think I’ll give this one a shot! Been too long since I got into some LD action.

  23. Mattmatt says:

    Game loop is running, Player is in…. Still wonder how I should use the balls…. Maybe a weapon ?

  24. freaknarf says:

    Yoep i’m in :] after 10 minutes telling myself the theme sucked i was starting a new GM project, and after 1 hour i was playing my basic pong stuff alone shifting players with space… This now leaves time to experimentations :)

  25. GogglesKitty says:

    Heck, why not! I’ll do it. I think I’ve got a pretty good idea…

  26. feiss says:

    Hah, funny. I’ve already did a 2-sided pong for js1k contest 5 years ago, but I may try this mini LD

    *Crazy multiplayer 2-sided pong*
    player 1: keys A,Z
    player 2: mouse

  27. Kaxon says:

    I’m working on this (with one friend working on it with me). Our ideas aren’t exactly revolutionary, but it’s a nice small theme for our first LD attempt.

  28. Mattmatt says:

    I was stuck for the 2 hours but now I have an idea : Keep The Ball… a Survival mode added to Pong with :
    -and more…..

    All written in java of course :o)

  29. Super impressed with games submitted so far!

  30. noxuma says:

    I think we got something fun going, but I need to play test it w/ 2 players to see if its balanced, and sounds.. always sounds are a barrier =)

  31. coasterspaul says: I feel this is relevant.

  32. GVmakesGames says:

    Aw yeah! A bit late but I’ll try my best 😀

  33. dannyhodge says:

    One of those weeks in which I’ve not had much time. Got started yesterday, finished today. I suppose its good practice for LD32 at least.
    I’m still struggling to get passable graphics through. Anyone got any tips for bad artists in LD? Also feel free to check out my entry. I went for a bit of an RPG spin.

  34. timothymchugh says:

    Hey guys. This is Timothy McHugh here from Sonniss. Hope you are all well.

    If any of you would like to use some royalty-free (with commercial usage and no attribution) sound effects in your games, you might want to check out the GameAudioGDC bundle.

    Mega drive is here:!sR4gwCpZ!wyTa88FLp8UqZNu10TYefw

    Box links here:

    or you can use this link if you prefer torrents.

    If you drop me an email over to I would be happy to send you some more for FREE.

  35. florg says:

    We’re in!
    Hoping to achieve something creative with “Japong! Tale of Kicky Monk” (working title)

  36. GoldPlatedXplodingFist says:

    Even though i was doing quite well i dont’t think i’ll finish on time. :(
    Half way through making my game, the monitor cable i was using got a bent pin,
    having not backed up my source code to a USB drive or cloud, and having no other monitor cable
    i have been unable to work on it and am now almost out of time.

    Even though i did not finish this was still really fun and im looking forward to LD32.

  37. Leo Hobbs says:

    Just finished my 5 day work, First time on the whole LD scene, sure was fun!

  38. Frozen Stick says:

    Hey,It’s my first entry in Mini LD :D.So is there going to be any ranking like the main Ludum Dare?

  39. flabby_fabby says:

    Does this have to be made by Sunday or can I still make some of it in the morning and upload it later that day?

  40. Mr. Chocolate Salmon says:

    Unfortunately I ran out of time this week :(
    So instead, I managed to whip up something small. And I admit I had some fun doing it 😉

  41. Really enjoyed this LD (my first one). Made a Pong/RPG hybrid of sorts… Really tired now. Go try Dungeons of Pong!

    Oh, and you guys are amazing :)

  42. Fanish Singh says:

    Game Of The Year :P.. Enjoyed Playing 😛

  43. Nine-and-a-Half Lives says:

    I finally actually entered a game competition with my game Eldritch Defense.

  44. Firefox says:

    Had a lot of on this, and this was my first Ludum Dare. I didn’t end up creating anything to advanced, pretty much just a PONG clone. Can’t wait for the full Ludum Dare!

  45. jbenavidesv says:

    I started today and finish just a minutes ago; hope you test it :)

  46. I started today too! JUST submitted mine: a rotational pong combining the twitch gameplay of Super Hexagon with the eccentricity of Bit Trip Beat!

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