Metrom tsop ym. (Reversed desreveR)

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February 24th, 2015 9:27 am






Well starting things at the end and going backwards seemed to give me a lot of energy, while time management wont probably an issue, I will probably get bogged down toward the beginning.

What went right:
Writing a post mortem before the game, really helped me focus on goals, and allowed me alot of introspection.
Doing the project from a backwards perspective was a great way to make me legitimately plan my game, I usually work in this process:

  • 1: I hear theme,
  • 2:brainstorm for a couple hours, eat a sandwich.
  • 3:start drawing sprites, and making a basic little prototype
  • low on time
  • 5:cram a buncha music an sounds in real quick.
  • 6:make a crappy title screen,
  • 7:out of energy, do a verrry weak attempt of screenshotting, and presenting.

Sooo, for this project turning that process on it’s head was a great experiment and will really make me look at the whole process in depth.

What went wrong:

  • didn’t give myself enough time at the beginning,
  • slacked off more than i probably should have,
  • not enough sandwiches.
  • I should have taken more steps to prevent things that I knew probably would have been done wrong.


Thanks for taking the time to read,  I look forward to playing your games, see you at the starting line.


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