Mini LD #56 – Keyboard Cook Mini-Retrospective

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February 6th, 2015 5:22 pm

First of all, you can play Keyboard Cook here! I’ve entered a couple of Ludum Dares but this is my first retrospective.


What Went Well:

Aiming for Minimal Viable Product

The prototypes may belie this somewhat, but I was pretty decent at pushing back or cutting down superfluous features. The original game idea had little characters reacting to you, but the time investment wouldn’t have been worth it. Instead, the game was surprisingly functional early in development.

Design First

Probably obvious, but having the game mostly fleshed out in terms of design before writing a line of code really helped. Little code waste and it was easier to focus on coding.

Programming on Paper

Something I learned back in uni was to sit down with pencil and paper and hack something out. It’s faster to redesign and refactor since you’re not really worrying about syntax or language specifics. It’s also less investment than sitting down in front of an IDE, so it’s easier to face up to…


Areas For Improvement:


I split the initial work across evenings after work but I nearly burnt myself out spending the weekend on it. Learning when to call it quits for the day might almost be as important as pushing myself to start in the first place. I didn’t touch an IDE outside of work for weeks after the last full Ludum Dare!


The system could support any number of recipes, the only thing that kept me back from more variety was producing the art for each ingredient myself. I could have outsourced this! Secondly, the pool of playtesters was very small. I really should have started getting feedback earlier.


I’m very happy with the result and I’m excited for the next jam! Thanks for reading.

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