This is a rotating space shooter based on the MLD56 goal theme of “Make the player Dizzy”.  Challenge accepted!

After about 10 hours of coding we’ve got an alpha in place that will let us play with the central game mechanic and flesh out something interesting/fun.

This is (currently) a two button game (thrust and fire).  Gravity pulls all ships toward the vortex; the player can thrust away from it. Angular speed increases as all objects approach the center, so to gain on enemy ships you need to drop altitude.  Stars falling into the vortex provide a reference to indicate the rotational speed at different altitudes.

This current version (Alpha Build 1) has only one “level” and no difficulty progression.

We’re using the howler.js library for sound, and we’ve found that on some computer/browser combinations the engine thrust sound doesn’t loop cleanly.

Game Framework: Max Whilborg’s Asteroids vector framework
Sound Framework: Howler.js

The playable build is posted at:


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