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January 28th, 2015 2:30 pm

Hello, I’m Leaf. You might know me as the person who creates I just launched a new website that I think a lot of gamedevs will find useful.

It’s called Streak Club

It’s a site for hosting creative streaks. Essentially you set some goal, like “I want to draw pixel art”, you pick a rate, like “daily”, and you set start and end dates. You then submit you content to the streak before the deadline each day (or week), and try to get the longest streak possible. I noticed a lot of gamedevs use this type of method to stay motivated, like 1 game a month, @Pixel_Dailies, etc. I recently participated in something called Weeklybeats where I wrote a song every week for all of 2014. It was incredibly successful for me. I wanted to build a system that makes it simple to host events like this for any kind of creative content with little effort.

Streaks are designed to be social by default. Lots of people can all join a single streak and all try to complete the goal. The more people the better,  you can give feedback and encouragement on submissions through comments and favoriting.

In 2015 I want to try drawing every day for an entire year. I’ve created a daily art streak for 365 days that I’d love for you to join: Daily Art 2015

Here are some other streaks that are already going:

And here are all the streaks:
Feedback appreciated, thanks for checking it out!


3 Responses to “New site: Streak Club”

  1. Gandalf1209 says:

    I will definitely be using this! I need something like this to keep me motivated, and to stay creative. Thank you so much!

  2. GaTechGrad says:

    Neat idea! Would it be possible to authenticate with my username / password, instead of creating another account?

  3. IAmSpencer says:

    This is a great idea, really nice way to stay working/motivated on a project. Seeing those little green boxes pile up is a great feeling, nice work!

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