A kinda… Strange – ish, question :s

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January 6th, 2015 12:58 am

Eh… Anyone out there has an idea how to make a game worth selling?

And where to sell it, gimme a good marketplace for Android (or PC) that can pay me via Bank Account, or Skrill, or Payza, or Google Checkout?

… And yes, I do have a website: tosicden.yolasite.com


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  1. TheScragglyMan says:

    You make something so polished, so innovative, that people will want to throw money at you.

    Seriously, i don’t think you should be considering how to make money off your games just yet, Keep practicing and working on your ideas and getting the games look down.

    Some people will pay money for tat regardless, but your games become your portfolio and it only takes one really bad release to ruin a reputation.

  2. ScragglyMan is right. You need to be very careful when it comes to releasing games. That said, when it does come time, itch.io is a good place to start, I believe. It advertises itself as being like bandcamp for games, so you can self-publish your work there, charge what you want, and I think you can hook it up to a paypal account or something (I don’t know for certain, as I haven’t actually started on this process yet myself.) If you really want more details, I’d strongly suggest looking for some of the old “October Challenge” posts on the Ludum Dare page – the October Challenge just challenges developers to publish a game they made and earn at least one dollar off of it, so there will be a lot of discussion about what you want to know there.

  3. SkullPixel says:

    I’ve been making games for a year and a half, and yet still I haven’t sold one yet. It takes time and practice. It does take a lot of polish for people to even consider your game. I honestly recommend trying to focus on stuff that is 2D for a while, because 3D can make things so much more complicated.

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