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December 26th, 2014 11:49 am

Hey guys, could you give us some feedback about our new website? :)


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  1. Gandalf1209 says:

    Looks good bro. The domain name might not be so fitting, but the website itself is pretty good! A little dark, but good nonetheless!

  2. Lynx says:

    As a web designer myself, I will say I enjoy the layout and typographic choices suit the theme very well. It has a cohesive and understandable UI/UX flow to it which is great.

    The main horizontal accordion is very awesome to see (they are not used much in web design sadly)

    I will say to only display the accordion on the main “homepage” as when I flipped to other pages, it took up almost 100% of the viewing window and I had to scroll down below it (almost a full page height) to see the changed page content. This is not desirable for some users may think nothing changed and keep clicking the page navigation button in confusion and frustration.

    There is a rule in web design that you want to advertise everything important about that page on the first screen height of space so you catch the audience’s eye on first glance as they browse your site (there’s a study that shows the average time spent on a single webpage of a new visitor is less than 5 seconds so you have to MAKE them WANT to scroll down and continue reading that page!)

    I agree, the url is a bit confusing, but I know you guys are probably just testing the site out here for now.

    Another future element you can add, is clicking on the accordion images to bring up bigger versions (like a shadowbox or lightroom effect) or send them to that linked page (i.e.: the ludum dare comments one)

    Also hover overs for your header Navigation. Other than my cursor changing from pointer to hand icon, I can’t tell that I’m hovering over a button and not just text…a simple color change to that cyan blue color on hover would fix that problem in literally 15 seconds.

    WOW, that was a lot…..anyways, if you need anymore feedback or have a question on how to do something, feel free to ask! I’ll be glad to help and keep up the good work, it’s nice to see people making websites still!

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