The perfect games for the holidays!

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December 24th, 2014 6:05 am

’tis the time for family gathering and over eating, but… what do you do afterwards?

  • Talk about what you’re doing with your life? nuh-uh
  • Ask what’s some far relative doing with theirs? nuh-uh


They’re the perfect type of game to play these days. Either you love your siblings, nieces or nephews, so you play local co-op games, or you hate your in-laws, so you beat their asses in local competitive games.

The thing is you need local multiplayer games for these days, and you’re in luck. I’ve made a little compilation of local multiplayer games from LD31 (full disclosure: the first game in the list is ours) for you to have fun with and give love at a time where they’re more likely to be played (because it’s heartbreaking to see so many times local multiplayer games neglected or missrepresented by people streaming or commenting who don’t have a second player at hand).

So, without further ado:

Platform 31


Demon’s trial


Raptor Polo


Snowman Sumo

Snowman Sumo menu

Contact Cowboy

Contact Cowboy

Cube Shooter 31

CubeShooter 31

Hockey Slash


Robe Wars

Robe wars

Santa’s Seasonal Slayfest

Santas seasonal slayfest

Chronokicker 202K


No more boxes


The Cubenator

The cubenator



Lump of Butter

Lump of butter

Extreme Stick Fighter Ultimate 3i

Extreme stick fighter ultimate 3i

Boom Blade Battle Brigade

Boom blade Battle Brigade





Hyper Soccer

Hyper Soccer

Swat Team

Swat team






Space Melee

Space Melee

TV Top

TV Top

Sliding Dodos

Sliding dodos

Snowman Race

Snowman race


Now I may have (I sure have) missed some local multiplayer games from LD31, so if you made one or know of one that isn’t listed here please comment this post or reach me at @rodaja_es through Twitter and I’ll add it to the list (and we’ll play and vote it).

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20 Responses to “The perfect games for the holidays!”

  1. devilqube says:

    hi, Santa’s Seasonal Slayfest has Local Co-op

    Press Attack (Enter or Space) to join.



  2. Rodaja says:

    Added Santa’s Seasonal Slayfest and Robe wars.

  3. Mechamew says:

    Raptor Polo! What a game!

    Love that you’ve done this! Multiplayer LD entries are a tricky one, but surely deserving of a lot of love!

  4. klianc09 says:

    Dammit, I wanted to make such a post, but you beat me to it.

    Although Eggz is a cool game, I’m not sure it belongs on the list, because it’s from MiniLD 44 (7dRTS), maybe as a special mention?

    Games you should add to the list:

    The Cubenator


    Lump of Butter

    No More Boxes

    Extreme Stick Fighter Ultimate 3i

    Boom Blade Battle Brigade



    Hyper Soccer (my own game)

    … this is really going to be a very long list

  5. Rodaja says:

    Those are not local multiplayer games, that’s why they’re not included.

    They do, indeed, also suffer from a lack of players as local multiplayers tend to do, but the fix to those is different, and this post is meant to be a boost for local multiplayer games. Simply because is the kind of games we make and we thought boosting them near the festivities was a good idea. Plus, making a compilation is always fun and good to bring more people towards similar games

    Now I have not tried Grid Cars, so I can’t comment on that one. But we had a good group of people to play Snowman’s Land: SNOVERCHILL when Wertle ( ) was streamming and we had a blast among the chaos. So thanks for the comment anyhow.

  6. klianc09 says:

    Since my other comment is awaiting moderation (probably because of containing too many links) and I guess nobody is going to moderate this during the christmas days, I’ll post my list again with just parts of the links (just add

    The Cubenator


    Lump of Butter

    No More Boxes

    Extreme Stick Fighter Ultimate 3i

    Boom Blade Battle Brigade



    Hyper Soccer (my own game)

  7. Ace says:

    Well, my game TeazleParty has local multiplayer. Sadly it’s locked to three players with fixed names and colors, since I spent more time on the internet multiplayer.

    But still;

  8. Tuism says:

    No More Boxes is a 4-player physics mayhem platformer
    – 6 unique characters!
    – Throw things at each other!
    – Easy controls!
    – Pretty Particles

    Have fun! Happy Holidays! 😀

  9. Rodaja says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ve added the ones I’d missed. If there’s still any local multiplayer game out there please let me know!

  10. ciaodavinci says:

    Our game is also local multiplayer (needs at least two controllers):

  11. Stfan says:

    My game JumpBall is also local multiplayer (needs controllers though):

  12. Rodaja says:

    Added those last two 😉

  13. Rodaja says:

    Added ^^

    And now pictures are clickable, too!

  14. Joski says:

    Hey, Sliding Dodos is multiplayer local too !

    This list is good thanks !

  15. Rodaja says:

    Added! Please remember playing the games is the main goal with these, so go play games!

  16. Chris Mondok says:

    Ooh, I made a local multiplayer game! I just hope everyone has android phones, it doesn’t work on iOS. Gather around the TV, grab some ‘nog, and enjoy Snowman Race, the next generation snowman racing simulator!

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