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December 24th, 2014 12:14 pm

(Sorry for all possible language mistakes in this message)

Ok, I guess it’s time for my first post mortem.

It’s the first time I tried myself on Ludum Dare and it was intense. I never did something like that, that was the whole new experience and it was fun (including not-sleeping and not-eating parts =)).

Thank you all for your reviews and time spent in my game, when I published it I wasn’t expect any good comments – it still hadn’t story or normal user feedback.

That was so fun playing your games, reading your comments.

It’s a post about creation of Whole life on one screen.


How did my work process look like? (long post + bonus)

1. Idea. Well, it was strange. I have a big time difference with Ludum Dare “official timezone” and for me theme was announced at 6 a.m. At 6 a.m. I just opened my eyes, took my phone and checked it. I had no alarm or something, I just woke up at 6 somehow, with no intentions to sleep. After reading theme I start roaming around furniture and form the game idea in my head. I had only one (yep, this one) and I panicked a lot because of this fact. I even woke up my husband and told him my concept to check is it sane and ok for a game.

2. Code. The game is made with ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Develop. I used Starling + Feathers (it gave me a lot of UI opportunities). It was interesting to use  something familiar and discover new parts of it (I even found a bug in feathers). At first my code look nice but at third day I was desperate and was rushing questionable classes and code parts into it, well, I’m not very sorry about it, I will rework it anyway.

3. Graphics. I have a new wallpapers (not kidding, I set this picture as my windows background). I’m not an artist and I’m really happy I managed how to spend minimum time on making something that doesn’t make people scream. I love this MMO icon. In general, it took about 1 minute for each icon so it didn’t take any extra time and was fun. Like, look, it’s me, drawing icons =D

4. Texts. English is not my native language so I was frustrated from idea of writing a lot of messages on it. First pack was made for chat – it was easy, chat messages was based on idea of standard not-readable mmo messages like “wts GGD 5kk tp RD” so I quickly made a full chunk of this code with small amount of sane speech (messages about Mark was a reference to “Gamers” btw). For correct spelling all other messages I should say big THANK YOU to my US friends – Tami and Felipe, they checked everything came to my 2 a.m. insane mind and fixed a lot of ‘bugs’ in it.

5. Story. In my mind all this started from the story *sigh*. It should be game about guy who spent too much time in games and Internet and start loosing his friends and girlfriend. But at the end his best friend comes back with intervention and you decide what to do – skip raid or stay at home and lose last friend. Yep, it could be depressive and hard. Luckily or not but I hadn’t enough time for it and I just made a basis for game and tried to make it playable.

6. Planning. Nope. Obviously for my first game I wasn’t prepared and had no idea how much time will all the parts take. I failed at timing but not so much. At least I had enough done (and courage… or madness) to publish it. I’m so happy I made intro (tutorial part), without it, it looked weird and hard to play.


I will definitely 1. finish it, 2. participate in the next Ludum Dare. It’s so much fun, so much adrenaline and three days that you will hardly remember (who needs alcohol, hah?).

Thank you all for reading this, for playing the game. Thank you, Ludum Dare creators for this experience. It was awesome.

Now, bonus for those who read this. Some blog themes from game (<theme>: <post title>):

[Themes that came from working]

“Droid OS”: “How to run Droid on your toaster”

“Jyawa”: “Jyawa memory leak on calculators”

“BrainThink”: “BrainThink as a main language”


“Politics”: “Some politicians got together. All taxes raised”

– “War somewhere. Everyone concerned”

“Cooking”: “Masterpiece with potatoes and cheese in the microwave”

– “Coffee as an universal meal”

“Gadgets”: “Smart robot as an excuse to stay in bed”

– “Watching movies on the tiny screen of your smart watch”

“Search inc” (check its logo on search page): “Search inc bought a new project. And an island”
–  “Search inc. Thinking about future. Sometimes”

“Blogging”: “New blog engine. Try another set of bugs”

– “Earn money with banners. Make people hate you”

“Money”: “Investing into potatoes”
–  “Storing your bank accout data on your desktop” (;))

It’s only half of all possible themes, so keep posting =)

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