So after my LD game “Reindeers on Strike”, I like most others, made a post compo version. Eventually it turned into an actual all be it very short. The main struggle when turning an LD game into a releasable game is how scrappy everything is. The code had to be rewritten completly at least twice because of how bad it was. Some of the code was hardcoded and very hack-y but it did the job. The art wasn’t that hard to re-do as all I had to do was touch it up and clean it a bit. Most of it was useable, saying that I did re-do it but that was for an entirely different reason. The main game mechanics (which hardly existed in the LD game) where drastically changed once the code and art was changed, this was expected but I didn’t think it would change so much. The game now only has a few basic ideas which remain; the artstyle the main character and the secondary character but not much else. Saying this I had a lot of fun making both the games even if they didn’t turn out as expected.

The game is below if you want to check it out.



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Some spoiled brats want to steal your presents, kill them with the help of your trusted elf, Bernard, who will give you a new weapon when you need more bullets to put in those stinking rascals’ skulls.

Winner of absolutely no awards, this game is a short, fun, slightly-on-the-verge-of-inappropriate-for-the-internet type game with the theme of the festive season. Raving reviews include:

“I feel sick from the screenshake, but I’m killing innocent kids so I should feel sick I guess”

5 Responses to “Dear Santa, I Hate you – Turning a LD idea into a game”

  1. LegacyCrono says:

    Heya! I gave you some feedback on the stream the other day, and I’m giving my feedback again after trying this new version:

    1) The way it works now, the rate on which the enemies keep spawning just increases until your DPS isn’t enough to deal with all of them. There’s absolutely no options for the player. There’s no meaningful choices to be made that’ll make you survive longer. You just have to be lucky and draw a good weapon from Bernard with a high DPS in order to last a little bit longer, and yet it’s futile because once you run out of ammo with that weapon you’ll have to rush to Bernard and can’t do nothing about the incoming enemies, so it’s game over. This is THE major flaw in your game. There’s many things you could do to fix this, yet I can’t say what you should change, because that depends on what kind of game you want this to be, and that’s entirely your decision.

    2) Again, the optimal strategy is to sit with the presents and keep shooting until you run out of ammo, then hushing to Bernard to get a new weapon and going back again to the presents. That isn’t very fun. There’s platforms upwards but it’s pointless to move around, because you can’t get back fast enough, and you don’t have any advantage or reward by moving around anyway. In fact, moving around is too sluggish, so it’s not fun to do that either.

    3) Enemies are all the same. They’re fast, they move all in the same way, they come in big numbers, they die fairly fast. Some other types of enemies would be nice to add some variety after a while.

    4) Sometimes enemies will just drop from the platform before they even reach the edge. I believe this is a bug. Actually, I wish the player could do this. Dropping from platforms would make it much better to move around quickly.

    5) Some background art would do wonders there.

    6) The blood splatters just floating there when you kill an enemy is kinda unsatisfying…

    7) I’d appreciate if the score was shown during the game, not just when the game ends.

    8) Some way to skip the intro. Pleeease.

    9) You say there’s online leaderboards, but I couldn’t see such thing anywhere. It says my ranking, but who’s who? What are their scores? I’d like to see names and numbers.

    10) The music is awesome 😀

    • toinfiniityandbeyond says:

      Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. So my list of things I’ve done on your list are as follows:
      – Background art ✓
      – Music ✓
      – Changed the blood splatters ✓(Sort of)
      – Player is faster and feels more mobile ✓
      I will work on the rest and get back to you. Thanks again for all the feedback.

  2. Taunia Sabanski says:

    ^^^^ All of this. :)

    Unfortunately you can’t fit all this good information in a tweet!

    I think, LegacyCrono, once he starts adding more reasons to go to the upper platforms and he focuses on giving the player some more power, he can go back to the enemies’ side and start tweaking them. The original game, I felt, was far too easy. This is getting on the hard side, but only because the enemies have been given more of an advantage without balancing out the player — and there really is only one strategy that works so far, due to that.

    IMHO, balancing a game is like balancing a set of scales where you’re adding and removing weight from both sides. Sometimes you gotta add more to one side, and take away from another, or vice-versa, until the scale balances. Reason for this, of course, is that you wanna ensure the player’s still having fun, and you’re implementing more mechanics to help them have MORE fun in their gaming journey to defeat your game, whilst still making it challenging to do so. You’ll get to it, it just takes time and a lot of feedback! :)

  3. Taunia Sabanski says:

    Oh, in terms of power ups — for this sort of game I might suggest doing a “one-or-two-power-ups-active-at-a-time” deal. That way you can work a bit more strategy into your game that doesn’t revolve entirely around the random weapons.

    If you need an initial suggestion as to what might be a neat idea — especially as a power up that would enable you to pass through the platforms and shoot from wherever?

    Two words: Santa’s Jetpack. 😀

    • toinfiniityandbeyond says:

      Thanks for your comments and feedback. As a power up do you think an elf giving which gives power ups would work? I am just conciious that if I have random power ups which spawn it would be too much like super crate box (Not that it isn’t already XD). Any way thanks so much and I will get back to you.

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