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December 20th, 2014 3:51 pm



Here is some concept art of my game.

I know you guys like this kind of stuff behind the scenes, so I post it here for you.

Basically, you are a three-legged eyeball that tries to escape from growing swarms of liquid spikes. The idea came… as is, I cannot explain. ¬†I liked the idea of a man with an eye as a head, like if he was always¬†alert.

The spyx (say spikes) are just enemies that can spout up from the ground and that looks harmful just by looking at them.

There is some elements that I had not enouth time to incorporate, like snowmen that spawn randomly just to block passively your path, others kind of spyx and a sticky ground that slows you down.

The first drawing is the brainstorm. the second is some character research.

All graphics, animations and sound effects are made by me during the compo48.




Drawings are made with Black Ink, an amazing software that is still in development, and with my Cintiq 13HD.

I made all sound effects with Sunvox. I consider it like the ultimate tracker software, like you can create your instruments with deep customization, combine everything and create great and unique sound effects (it’s good for this, but not the main point).

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