Feedback coding a first game in 72 hours

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December 19th, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi Ludum dare.

After this awesome week-end. We learn a lot. We see a lot of what, do the other guys and teams.
That’s cool! Well we also show part of code of “how to do this” or “that is made with”.

There is somethings simple to fell but hard to explain. That i would like to talk with you. Those moment where you fell your soul growing by making…
well these little moments where you have this sensation of touching start, when the keyboard moves at the end of your fingers.

We all experiment this felling, “before I don’t really understand how does it work, but now hell yeah ! It ensures my back”
and more than I creating something in less than one week with it! …

For me it was when i finish mastered this coffee/js mixin pattern who help me to organise the whole project.
I was so happy then i put it everywhere thinking “now guest what i going to add a new mixin ! tada ! ”

I know it’s not something we can see in the final project and most of our friend and familly wouldn’t get it.
But it’s here and you know that this day you do it with this kind of “je ne sais quoi”..

the way we do phaser

And you what was your moment of grace during the creation of your game ?

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