When Snowmen Attack – Postmortem

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December 18th, 2014 8:14 pm

This is the postmortem for my LD31 entry “When Snowmen Attack”.

Play it here

When Snowmen Attack

I’m pretty happy with how my game turned out. This was my second ludum dare and I wanted to make sure I improved in the areas that didn’t go so well the first time around.

What Went Right

Time management

I took the first night to figure out what I was going to do and then started Saturday morning. I spent Saturday getting the majority of the mechanics working and spent Sunday finalizing the mechanics, cleaning up my sprites and writing the music. I was able to finish the game in the 48hrs (although just barely).


I spent a lot more time on my graphics (probably more than I should have), and it’s one of the things that people seamed to like. I also used placeholder art (which I hadn’t done before) during development so I could get the mechanics working earlier and give me more time to spend tweaking my sprites later. This helped me decide which actions I was going to use so I didn’t draw out any art I wouldn’t need.

Player Character from LD30

Player Character from LD31


Not overly complicated but it played well, and in most of the feedback people said they enjoyed it. I think I did pretty good at introducing new enemies and having the difficulty ramp up at a decent pace.


I liked watching ones that other people had posted last year and really wanted to do one this time around. I think it came out alright, although I made a lot of mistakes. Next time I’d probably cut more of the boring stuff out and put up more messages for what I’m doing so it’s not so confusing. Also, I did almost all of my sprite work on my iPad using SpriteSomething, so there are a lot of periods where my screen just sits there until I import the sprites in. So lots to improve on for next time, but I’m still glad I did it.

What Went Wrong


Yeah, I know I put this in what went right as well…lol. I’m still learning so I made some mistakes like not keeping my pixel ratio consistent among all my sprites, this was probably the biggest complaint about my art.

Too Short

Another complaint was that the game wasn’t very long. I did most of my play testing on Sunday and I didn’t want to add waves I hadn’t balanced so I kept the game to only 10 waves.


I think I did a better job on this in my last ludum dare. I’m not completely happy with the music. I feel I rushed it and I think it shows, reviews were kind of mixed some people liked it some didn’t.

For Next Time

I’d like to stream my development next time. I really wanted to this time but I was afraid it would be distracting and in the end opted to not take on that additional stress.

Think I might join a team and do a jam entry .  I’ve only ever designed games on my own, so working as part of a team would be cool.

Thanks Guys!

Thanks to everyone who commented/rated my game, your feedback has been really helpful.  I’m working on implementing your suggestions in my post comp version which I hope to post soon.  See you all again next time :)

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  1. drludos says:

    Good job on your game, it was a nice entry!

    BTW, what tool did you use to compose the music?

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