Lessons learned and the future of Ram Dungeon

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December 18th, 2014 9:10 am

First off, thanks to everyone who played my game or will play it in the coming days!

As always, it’s great to have your feedback and there is two things in particular that I want to work on for a future version:
the chests confusion: every chest you open in the dungeon contains 3 items you can choose from: 2 random bonus items and a dungeon upgrade. Since the upgrade is the last item and the arrow keys are not that visible, lots of people just went with the first bonus item without even seeing there was more in the chest… So yeah, huge mistake on my part here, since the upgrades are essentially what makes the whole game interesting and not just a senseless button smasher.
the predetermined path: I wanted to impose a path for two reasons. Mainly so that you can always explore every room (unless you die too soon). Since you can’t go back to a previously explored room, choosing your path could lead to blocked off area, and at the time I didn’t want that. Now I feel it’s not such a big deal, since blocked areas potentially mean less money for you, so your call really. The other reason was so you couldn’t get all the chests first then get to the end without a fight. Now I think I know how to adjust the game so that you can choose your path and still have a fun and balanced run.

Anyway, Ludum Dare was once more a great experience and a ton of fun!
Waiting for the results now, as I’m playing and rating really cool games you made.
Great work everyone! :)


PS: click on the gif or this screenshot to give Ram Dungeon a try!

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