surprising daily randomized map

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December 17th, 2014 4:33 am

As previously explained, the maps of my compo ( are designed to be randomly regenerated everyday (so are highscores) to provide daily a new player experience.

Today’s map is very special (difficulty is quite high) and shows patterns that has never been discovered in the past days! As the developer of this game, I was very astonished and excited when playing today’s map this morning.

Today is about surviving to snowballs! i.e. not growing too much to be able to cross roads!


2500 – rotating snowballs spawner


8000 – wave of snowballs before a 4-ways road!



Look all the carrots people have left here!

Challenge: Will you be able to traverse the deadly road?


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  1. JJEvil says:

    This is what Frogger looks like on meth.

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