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December 17th, 2014 2:43 am


Hey guys, I wanted to share with you the story of my first officially released game…

I had many attempts before this, had great plans great ideas but unfortunate none of them get anywhere…. why ? because I aimed to high, I wanted to create the best game ever with all the possible features and all this by my self.

With this last game, I approached differently, with the idea, I will create a game with the basic features in place and after I released it will add more, if I have the mood and the time… and as it seems this worked.

Here is the game : for now just Android, will add iOS asap.

It’s insane to realize how many details you need for a little game like this, banners, images, descriptions, icons, etc.

I also setup a facebook app and a facebook page to promote the app :

The effort involved :

  • about 300 hours of my work, programming, art, facebook page, webservice, other accounts requred (abmob, etc)
  • about 100$ in art
  • about 50$ in sound
  • 150$ in unity plugins (which I will use in other projects)

The tools used ware very basic :

The art and the sound for purchased from envato websites.

Thanks !

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3 Responses to “Making a game”

  1. tormentes says:

    Good job! Release a game is already a big achievement! As you mentioned, many things need to take into account and do all that by yourself is quite remarkable.

    I’m downloading your game right now, I’ll leave your comment in google play later.

    Again, good job!

  2. dannyhodge says:

    Nice! Did you pay for art to save time, or is it a weaker point compared to your programming?
    I only ask because my artistic abilities are non-existant, and its incredibly useful to see how others get around it :)

    • pht59x says:

      In gaming, I think too much emphasis is put on graphics. Indeed shapes and colours are important, but a gameplay mechanic is not simply pretty art. Programming is the crucial bit, whatever they may teach in game schools.

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