Snow Invasion – Postmortem

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December 16th, 2014 7:42 am

This was my first ludum and I had a lot of fun. The community is so nice and I have had a lot of helpful feedback. Thank you all!

Snow Invasion game play

At first I was thinking of a top down kind of game but I have never done a platformer type before so I really wanted to try that. Then I was thinking I wanted the bottom of the screen to be all lava and the player would have to stay on the platforms. Saturday I went to town for lunch so I could take a break from the computer and game and that is when the idea of the frozen ground came to me. So I cut the lava and made the bottom of the screen a solid platform. Then I started working on the code for the frozen ground mechanic. That turned out to be a good call because a lot of people said they liked that part.

After that I worked on adding power ups to make that game more interesting. I originally wanted a lot more but I ran out of time so I had to settle for 3.

= Shoot Faster
= Full Heal
= Flame Shield. (Makes you invulnerable and thaws ground you are standing on)

What I learned:

One thing I learned was after hours of play testing what I think is easy will not be easy to everyone else. I had a lot of comments that the game was hard. Some people liked that and some maybe not so much.

This was also my first time using gamemaker other than a few test programs the week before. I did not think I would be able to finish in the time limit with my normal C# coding so I took a risk and used gamemaker. The risk paid off here and I learned a lot about the software in the process.

What I need to work on:

I need to work on my art. I think it turned out ok in the end but I would like it to be much better. I guess that just comes with time.

I also had comments that I needed background music. I have never done music before so I crossed that off my list before I even started. So I think I will do some research in the next few months and see if I can learn to at least make some basic music that sounds decent.


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  1. ilokimo says:

    Hey, that’s a very nice design game mechanic wise.

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